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11 January
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Hot Farmers Gay Sex Video










Brenner Bolton says he’s not gay but once his new farm-boy, Luke Adams, divulges his love for cock it does not seem to matter. There is nothing that is going to get in the way of having Luke ram his tight, hairy hole on the bed of his pick-up truck. Brenner’s wish comes true as he gets railed hard and fast just like he likes it. He even utilizes the skills he learned on the farm as he takes the reigns and rides Luke’s raging hard cock.

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08 June

Kevin Falk Naked












TX College Boys

This video is a bit different from my others. A good friend of mine had a buddy, Kevin, staying with him for a while that was interested in making a video. As it turned out I wasn’t available to shoot while he was there, so I asked my friend if he would want to do it. He jumped at the chance!

I used to shoot vids for an amateur DVD line having to do with cowboys, so I had asked my friend if he had a cowboy hat that he could use for a few pics just in case. He said yes so I never really thought much more about it.

Now Kevin is a rather beefy/muscular guy, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the little hat my friend had him wear. It was somewhat comical, but Kevin really played it up calling himself “cowboy” and yelling “yee-haw” during the shoot.

He definitely got into it and seemed to love showing off. He has nice big balls and I loved seeing him slap his hard uncut cock on his chest. Kevin stayed rock hard pretty much throughout and really knew how to work over his fuck stick. He even spread his legs wide open to give a better view.

Finally he got to the point of no return. “Oh yeah! I’m gonna cum,” he moaned. Then you hear “Oh fuck” as huge globs of thick white jizz cover his chest. It was an amazing cumshot! I just wish I had been there to witness it in person.

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24 July

Brokeback Mountain Style Gay Sex

Samuel O’Toole

This cowboy knows how to ride, and has a big cock for you to jump on and buck and bronco. He’s got a muscular body from working the farm, and this farm hand likes to show off for you to enjoy. Watch him stroke that big cowboy cock till he shoots his load all over his six pack abs. All those chores are paying off for this muscular stud.

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